Charlotte Is Too Damn Disorganised

This morning, I had to report to Beaudevin at 0700, and I did not know that two things would occur: The National Guard and charlotte police cordoned off 75% of Uptown Charlotte, and I would have to ambush the transit centre in order to catch the Sprinter. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s show up at my flat at 0920 in the morning with a warrant in their hand. Hell, I didn’t wanna do it, but since every bloody street in Charlotte were cordoned off, and since I’m still in my 90-day probationary period, I had to take drastic measures. Plus, that’s life. I needed to get to work to make that dosh, cos you can’t make dosh by walking through street after street looking for a Sprinter stop.  During that cacophony, I almost got hit by some damn idiot in a minivan heading towards the DMZ. He flipped me off, and I screamed to the top of my lungs “FUCK YOU!”, cos when you fuck with my dosh, you fuck with me, and we don’t want that to happen, now do we? 

While I was on the Sprinter bus going outwith Uptown, we were just 1 stop away from the Airport (namely between Old Dowd Road and Little Rock Road and Old Dowd Road and RC Josh Birmingham Parkway). I was puffing on my Blu Electronic Cigarette, and this man from Sunshine Cleaning Systems, hollered out on a standing room only bus to the bus driver “Driver! There’s a guy back here smoking!”  So, I responded, mainly cos his ass had a louder impedance than my damn iPod was throwing at me. “Mr Driver, it is a water vapour cigarette, not tobacco. Señor Conductor en el autobús, es la vapoura de agua cigarrillo, no es la tobacca fumar. Continuar conduciendo el autobús, por favor.” So I walked up to the front of the bus, giggling like a little schoolgirl over some gossip.  He called me a puta. He came to the back of the Main Atria while I was stocking inventory, and I didn’t say a word. I love working with HMSHost, Beaudevin and Charlotte-Douglas International Airport and I’m not gonna fuck it up for some muy feo culo puta pendejo or any other highfalutin heifer that steps my path.

My work day started roughly, because my supervisor was rushing me to get finished with the mopping before our 0800 opening, but you gotta put into the equation that North Carolina is still technically considered a dry state between 0200 and 1200 on Sundays. So from 0700 to 1300, there was nobody in all of Christendom. Mainly people come to Beaudevin on Sundays to get their libations in before they take their flight to go to another dry state. I still had to wash dishes… FROM FRONT-OF-HOUSE EMPLOYEES AND MANAGERS! At about 0900, I was tired of that shit, so I went to Cinnabon, which is our proverbial next door neighbour. I got a coffee with 1 creamer and 9 sugars. I asked the lady at the Cinnabon if she could give me the biggest Cinnabon they have out. Thank God for Vietnamese hospitality, cos she did it with a smile and with extra glazing, enough to give someone diabetic shock. I left work at 1415, as soon as the 2nd shift util came. 

I was about to have a cigarette until I saw the Sprinter in the queue with other hotel and rental car shuttles trying to get into their respective berths. I got on the bus (I should have had that cigarette, if I knew what I was getting into in Uptown). I was on the bus, and right when we were on Morehead and Freedom, the bus deviated completely off course. For fuck sakes cats, I thought that the fucking bus deviations took place tomorrow! We were stuck in traffic at the NASCAR Hall of Fame while FBI and Secret Service did a spot check. I got off the bus and I had to fucking chainsmoke.

The clock hit 1700, and my feet were hurting like Hell, because I’ve been in those bobos for the latter part of 12 hours, for fuck sakes. I tried to catch the Number 3, but the bus was heading into town. So, we did a maze, and we ended up in front of the gaol. That is a premonition that in this week, I may go to gaol for something I have no control over. So, I walked down McDowell Street down near the North Davidson bus garage, and it started to rain. I stopped at Davidson and Belmont in the ghetto. The bus came at 1745, thank God! I got home at 1600, and went straight to sleep.

I have a feeling that tomorrow, it will be worse, because people do not pay any attention to the news, and the fact that cats is running on Sunday schedule AND going to the temporary transit centre, just a few blocks away from the DMZ, people will be pissed off. All I know, is the best of Western medicine and Western technology may not compensate for this. At least, I can go to the CVS and get a emergent purpose bottle of Barefoot moscato for $1.50. They don’t close until 0000, Lord Jesus. 

I need a cigarette. If Charlotte don’t get more organised, I’m fucked. I can’t sleep in the Airport!